How to Relieve Stress in Six Steps


In today’s super busy schedules, stress is always lurking. People tend to be busy for longer hours with less time for personal attention or pleasure. Small issues get kicked down the road and soon compound into more difficult problems, causing stress. I recently came across a treasure ebook with 400 tips to reduce stress. Click to get your free copy. I have also listed six easy ways to relieve stress:

1. Walking/Exercise

Sport is probably the ultimate stress killer. And rightly so, because sport effectively relieves stress and increases well-being. Endurance sports such as jogging, swimming or rowing, which put the body in a meditative state, are particularly recommended. But a walk is also enough to switch off and do something about the stress.

2. Cook yourself something delicious

Cooking or baking is a perfect activity to relieve stress. You work in the kitchen without being overwhelmed. Certain activities such as cutting vegetables also have a calming effect. After cooking, a delicious menu awaits you – this knowledge also helps to reduce stress. So, grab your partner or a couple of friends and get started.

In stressful life situations, certain foods are particularly recommended – and that doesn’t just mean chocolate. Rather, the supply of potassium, magnesium and B vitamins is particularly important for the body. That is why you should, for example, use the following foods:

·       whole grain products

·       legumes

·       bananas

·       broccoli

·       dried fruit

·       Dairy products

·       nuts

·       eggs

 If you are afraid of putting weight on, then check this list of fat burning foods (right here).

3. Laugh

Laughing is probably the best measure to reduce stress. Just laugh out loud and heartily – even if there is no reason for it. Because the happiness hormone serotonin is released through laughter. Note that you can also release serotonin by simply closing your eyes, smiling and relaxing.

The next time you put on those earphones, try listening to a comedy routine or sketch for a bit.

4. Drink a cup of tea

There’s something cozy about drinking a cup of tea. That is why a warm tea is also well suited to relieve stress. Consciously take a few minutes, sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the warm tea in a deliberate manner. Tea blends with lemon balm, hops or lavender are ideal for relaxing.

5. Go through your vacation pictures

Vacation is the time of the year when you leave everyday stress behind and do something fun for a change. Unfortunately, the holiday feeling flies away much too quickly. With a few tricks you can bring back the relaxed holiday mood.

Expressly take the time and look at a few vacation pictures in peace. Remember how you felt in each situation. You can enhance the relaxing effect with a pleasant fragrance or soft music.

6. Take time for yourself

“Me time” is a term used frequently. Do not underestimate the importance of a moment carved out during the busy day for yourself. Spend this moment with thoughts that take you away from your immediate environment into a place you would rather be. Examples are things you will like to achieve (imagine you have achieved them and fancy yourself enjoying the situation). You can also think of a place you want to be. Just lookup pictures of the place and even listen to sounds of the place to transform yourself to your dream destination for a brief wonderful moment in your day.

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